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Dr. Tiff Provides Intimacy Coordination, Choreography, Sensitivity Coordination and On-Set Mental Health and Sexuality Consultation for the Television & Film Industry.

On-Set Services

“As your Intimacy Coordinator, my #1 goal is to keep actors informed and safe while fulfilling the director’s creative vision on all scenes involving nudity & simulated sex. Additionally, I offer on-set consultation in the areas of mental health and sexuality, providing thoughtful analysis, support and guidance in effort to convey a true and accurate representaiton of mental health disorders, sexual disorders, gender diversity and sexual experiences. ”

~Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry

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As as Atlanta-based Intimacy Coordinator, Dr. Tiffanie provides a worry-free experience to production companies. Dr. Tiff works closely with actors to ensure their comfort while executing the  creative vision of her director and production. Dr. Tiff is well-versed in discussing the more intimate nuances of the script with cast and crew, working closely with legal to ensure that nudity riders are in place, well in advance, and that all involved in intimate scenes are comfortable with the work they are being asked to do..



Intimacy scenes should look natural, but often take quite a bit of planning in order for them to appear so on screen. As your Atlanta Intimacy Coordinator, Dr. Tiffanie will work diligently to understand the creative vision of the director and navigate the best course execution for the actor. Careful attention to physical limitations and camera angles are always front of mind, while ensuring a safe and secure set environment.


Mental Health & Sexuality Consultation

As a licensed mental health professional, holding a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, Dr. Tiffanie holds a unique distinction among Intimacy Coordinators in her field. In addition to on-set coordination, Dr. Tiff is a highly sought after expert in the fields of mental health, relationships and sexuality. She has broad experience working with individuals holding varied gender expressions, sexualities and mental health concerns.. As a sensitivity consultant, Dr. Tiff has provided support to cast, crew and background actors as deemed necessary by production.

Past Projects

Dr. Tiff has worked on a variety of sets and productions. From Major Motion Pictures, Televisions Series, Pilots, and Streaming Platforms, Dr. Tiff's excels in providing the expertise, creativity and sensitivity to get the job done. The following list of projects does not include projects yet to be released. Please check back often, as updates are added frequently..

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